listening to Rainbow


listening to Rainbow

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yeah, gravity & grace is really good! my favorites are ten years, strange highs, and pet sematary. tell me what you think! (their second album, starring someone like you, is more idk kitschy and cute i think g&g is more sophisticated in a way?)

cool! i’ll listen to it tomorrow because i need to shower and do stuff not on the computer for the rest of tonight, but i’ll let you know!


YES that’s The One

  1. stromata
  2. drip
  3. four walls
  4. the dance
  5. little universe
  6. redeemed

that was slightly painful

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what are you listening to? the whole album starring someone like you is really good (the first album isnt as compelling initially) but their third album has the best songs in my opinion

i was listening to the first ones that came up on youtube search. it takes spotify about twenty years to load on my computer but once it does i’ll make a playlist. is gravity & grace the 3rd one? maybe i’ll listen to that one first

Ray of Light
  1. frozen
  2. drowned world/substitute for love
  3. swim
  4. to have and not to hold
  5. the power of goodbye

i don’t know this album too well actually though

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as long as the last living rose, lovin cup and fool are present and accounted for everything is in order imo

good. oh and re: the tiny (which i forgot to put there because i was too stressed out with ordering yeah) i’m listening to them now and it’s really cute!

now i gotta listen to all these albums again

let england shake, maria, & you are free (also this is a rec but have you ever listened to the tiny? they're a pretty small band that i'm really into and i thought you might like them if you don't know them)

let england shake:

  1. on battleship hill
  2. the last living rose
  3. the glorious land
  4. written on the forehead
  5. in the dark places
  6. all & everyone

maria: (super hard!)

  1. would you go?
  2. caravan
  3. lovin’ cup
  4. begat begat
  5. see the child
  6. oh my my

you are free:

  1. babydoll
  2. he war
  3. shaking paper
  4. fool
  5. speak for me
  6. maybe not

i haven’t listened to LES or you are free in a while so maybe they’re not the best representations but it’s still fun

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strings versions of björk songs are the BEST

they are! that version of  bachelorette is even better than the original too!

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oh god i know flesh tone literally is like confessions on a dance floor to me except somehow even more like??? like one entity instead of individual songs i could never.

it’s not even like i adore every single song on its own, but together they’re perfection and i wouldn’t skip any of them

Two Suns and To Venus and Back!

two suns:

  1. daniel
  2. good love
  3. two planets
  4. siren song
  5. pearl’s dream
  6. moon and moon

to venus and back:

  1. concertina
  2. suede
  3. juárez
  4. bliss
  5. riot poof
  6. datura
  7. spring haze